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The Mental Health Benefits of Playing Solitaire

By Mike - 10/05/2022

Solitaire is not a new game by any means. Its origins have been traced back to Germany circa 1788, making it over 230 years old. In all that time, countless hands of...

The 5 Best Classic Microsoft Windows Games You Must Play

By Emily - 09/27/2022

As one of the creators of this Klondike Solitaire website, I love to play classic games. Some of my favorites are Klondike Solitaire, FreeCell and Spider Solitaire. One thought...

The Mystery Creator of Windows Solitaire

By Emily - 09/23/2022

If you've worked with the Windows operating system in the last 32 years, you've probably come across Windows Solitaire. Since the game was first pre-installed on Windows version 3.0 in...